A 26 Bartlet’s Childers *Mare is cited in the ASB with a pedigree which cannot be substantiated. A filly by Bartlet’s Childers was imported by Mr McNaught in 1748, but her dam was not identified. She is known to have produced four foals, namely Harris’s Forester 1750 br c x *Monkey, by  c1751 f x *Monkey (grandam of Jolly Friendship), c1754 f x Tayloe’s *Childers (third dam of Blakeley’s Silverlegs) and McNaught’s Gamester c1758 bl c x *Silver Eye.

There is no evidence to date that the Childers *mare was ancestress to Philadelphia, from whom all the winners usually cited descend. As such, the family should be renamed in honor of the last known tail-female ancestress, *Jolly Roger Mare.