several editions of the American Stud Book
several editions of the General Stud Book
The British Thoroughbred Horse x William Allison 1901
The Horse-Breeders' Guide and Handbook by S. D. Bruce 1883
Blooded Horses of Colonial Days x F. B. Culver 1922
The Badminton Library x Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire & W. G. Craven 1887
The Matriarchy of the American Turf x R. L. Gerry 1931
Bloodstock x James Gill 1977
The Byerly Turk x K. M. Haralambos 1990
The Belair Stud 1747-1761 x Fairfax Harrison 1929
The John's Island Stud 1750-1788 x Fairfax Harrison 1931
Early American Turf Stock 1730 - 1830, Vol 1 and 2 by Fairfax Harrison 1935
Breeding Racehorses by the Figure System x Bruce Lowe (reprint) 1980
The Thoroughbred in the Lower Shenandoah Valley 1785-1842 x Alexander Mackay-Smith 1948
The Godolphin Arabian x Mordaunt Milner 1990
The Great Stallion Book x Richard Ulbrich 1986
Famous Running Horses x John F. Wall 1949
Thoroughbred Bloodlines, An Elementary Study x John F. Wall 1946
Thoroughbred Racing Stock and Its Ancestors, 2nd ed.x Lady Wentworth 1962
The Classic Racehorse x Peter Willett 1981