A 34 *Bolton Mare 1776 is a daughter of Sally Wright x Yorick, whose further pedigree is uncertain.

She probably descended from one of Tayloe’s 7 mares:

The last three mares are known to have been bred to Yorick, so it may be most likely that Sally Wright is a daughter of one of them.  By dates, *Jenny Cameron and *Muslinface are unlikely.  Sally Wright's dam is described as a full-bred mare, therefore *Valiant mare, *Ranter mare and *Dotterel mare are unlikely.  *Selima has a well-accounted produce record, leaving *Lady Northumberland.  It is of interest that a gap in *Lady Northumberland's produce record exists from her importation in 1769 to c1779 when she foaled a filly x Shakespeare.  If *Lady Northumberland is indeed Sally Wright's dam she would have brought a cross of blood to the family, and Tayloe's stud, that was without other representation.