A 13 Meade’s Celer Mare and Meade’s Mare are probably the same mare, and the mare is probably Fluvia. Fluvia traces to the mare imported by William Byrd III with *Tryal in 1751. When Byrd died the imported mare, called *Merry Lass (not to be confused with *Merry Lass of Harrison of Brandon’s stud) passed to Randolph of Chatsworth. The mare became known as Randolph of Chatsworth mare and produced one or more fillies by *Tryal. Fluvia’s pedigree follows.


A number of fillies in Volume 1 of the General Stud Book are recorded as dying young. One such filly is known to have been exported to America. If several others were so recorded but actually exported several anonymous imported mares might be identified. namely Randolph of Chatsworth's *mare, Byrd's mares *Express and *Calista.